Exodraft RSHT Horizontal Discharge Chimney Fan for High Flue Gas Temperatures

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The exodraft RSHT chimney fan is designed to operate under extreme conditions with very high flue gas temperatures. The patented cooling wheel allows continuous operation of the chimney fan at temperatures up to 500 °C. Peak loads (up to 30 minutes) with temperatures up to 700 °C are possible with the RSHT.

The DFRSHT has a horizontal discharge and is made of stainless steel with an aluminium housing. The chimney fan is equipped with a stainless steel axial impeller. The same is true for all screws and bolts. The engine is a heat-resistant asynchronous motor in an enclosed construction with sealed, maintenance-free ball bearings that is continuously adjustable with a TRIAC control.

The cable is heat resistant and strain relieved and protected by a reinforced hose casing. The chimney fan is hinged, which means the chimney sweeper has easy access to sweep the chimney. A protective stainless steel grille is mounted to prevent contact and stop birds from entering the chimney.


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