Exodraft RSG Wall Mounted Chimney Fan with Centrifugal Impeller and Pressure Switch

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1 x 230V, 0.3A

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1 x 230V, 0.4A

This exodraft chimney fan DFRSG provides a controllable negative pressure along the full length of the flue and chimney. A fail-safe system is fitted in the fan which automatically measures the velocity of the flue gases. Only when the velocity exceeds the preset and safe level can the gas appliance be used. The fail-safe system prevents any spillage from the gas appliance as well as any leaks of CO and other poisonous gases.

Fan type DFRSG is installed on the external wall and thereby enables a gas appliance to be installed in a room with no chimney. The power of the fan will allow for long horizontal flues up to 15 meters. A silencer type DFSLR is available as an accessory for the fan type DFRSG.


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