Vitcas Fire Cement - White

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Vitcas Fire Cement is a finely ground putty-like material which is resistant to high temperatures. Rates to 1250°C. It is used for the repair of fire bricks, stoves, fireplaces, etc and sealing flue pipes.

• For sealing and jointing internal flue pipes
• Repairing small cracks and damage on firebricks
• Repairing firebacks
• Seals and small repairs on fireplaces, gas cookers, stoves and ranges, central heating systems and boilers.

Premium Fire Cement should be used straight from the tub. Apply with a trowel, knife or hand and work well into the area. Fine joints can be made. As soon as possible, gently heat dry the repaired surfaces, gradually raising the heat to full operating temperature over 3-4 hours. Apply further cement to any fine cracks which may appear.


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Curing Time12h
Ready to UseYes
Temperature1250°C /2280°F
Drying Time12h / +20°C (+68°F)

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