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ThermaFlue is the UK's leading flexible chimney liner textile insulation sleeve.This high quality product is made of a glass fibre mat that is surrounded by glass fibre fabrics coated with waterproof silicone. It is fastened together by strips and buckles and a patented D-G linking rings system. Installing ThermaFlue gives an advantage to any duct that is renovated using a flexible liner, but it is especially recommended in the following two instances:

• when the chimney duct is big compared to the liner;
• when the brick chimney is built on an external wall and not surrounded with rooms on all four sides.

ThermaFlue offers the following advantages:
• improves the performance of the flue;
• improves the efficiency of the stove;
• reduces condensation;
• reduces creosote build-up;
• it is the only product of its kind to be physically tested with a flue liner in BSRIA according to BS EN1856-2:2009 and approved by HETAS;
• it has a rating of T600 N1/P1/P2 D/W Vm (L*****) G which means that it does not decrease the designation of any liner available on the market;
• it is more cost-efficient and easier to install than backfilling a chimney with vermiculite;
• it has got a patented connecting system with D-G links;
• improves environment friendliness of a system; the warmer the liner, the better the combustion, all with less contamination;
• makes future re-lining much easier than if vermiculite is present in the chimney.


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