Square Flange for Steel Chimney

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System solutions with a perspective

Dimension mm: 125-150-175-180-190-200
Size mm: 272 x 272
For chimney fan: DFRSV009, DFRSV160

Dimension mm: 125-150-160-175-180-190-200-250
Size mm: 310 x 310
For chimney fan: DFRSV012, DFRSV200, DFRSVG200, DFRS009, DFRS255, DFRSHT009

Dimension mm: 150-175-180-190-200-250-300-350
Size mm: 395 x 395
For chimney fan: DFRSV014, DFRSV250, DFRSVG250, DFRS012, DFRS014, DFRS285, DFRSHG012, DFRSHG014, DFRSHT012, DFRSHT014

Dimension mm: 200-250-300-350-400
Size mm: 500 x 500
For chimney fan: DFRSV016, DFRSV315, DFRSVG315, DFRS016, DFRSV400, DFRSV450, DFRSHT016

DFFR flanges from exodraft are used to install exodraft chimney fans on steel chimneys. The flanges are made of stainless steel and ensure that the chimney fans have a flat and level installation base. The flange is supplied with four vibration dampers that reduce vibrations and help create a stable base for the chimney fan.

The diameter of the flange spigot is 3 mm smaller than the diameter of the chimney. For example, the diameter of the spigot of an DFFR1-200 is ø197 mm, designed to fit into a chimney opening with a ø200 mm diameter.

The flange range fits all types of chimney fans and chimneys. Flanges with other diameters can be supplied on request.


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