Single Storey Garden Shed/Outhouse Flue Kit 5 Inch SS

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Please note you are purchasing a full Twin Wall set.
This set can be returned but individual parts/items from the set CANNOT be returned.
We do not except returns and offer refunds for parts/items that are part of Twin Wall sets.

Get the ultimate outdoor stove experience with our all-in-one installation packs.

We’ve recently spotted an increasing trend for homeowners installing fires and stoves in their gardens to create a stylish effect, alongside a luxurious ambience. The good news is that we have the perfect product to help you to achieve this with our DURA TWIN WALL Single Storey Garden/Shed/Outhouse Flue, which comes with multiple installation options. This makes it perfect for single storey outbuildings, such as sheds, pods or converted garden areas where the fire is to be housed.

In the kit of your desired size and colour we provide the following:
• 1x Twin Wall Standard Adapter;
• 2x 1000mm Twin Wall Straight Length Pipes;
• 1x 500mm Twin Wall Straight Length Pipe;
• 1x Twin Wall Rain Cap;
• 1x Twin Wall Roof Support;
• 1x Eazy Seal Flashing;
• 1x Twin Wall Storm Collar;
• 4x Twin Wall Locking Bands;
• 1x Twin Wall 95-135mm Wall Support.

G70 when in an enclosure and G50 when not enclosed.


Custom Fields
Twin Wall Standard Adapter1
1000mm Twin Wall Straight Length Pipes2
500mm Twin Wall Straight Length Pipe1
Twin Wall Rain Cap1
Twin Wall Roof Support1
Eazy Seal Flashing1
Twin Wall Storm Collar1
Twin Wall Locking Bands4
Twin Wall 95-135mm Wall Support1

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