Snaplock Power Sweep Liner Kit

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Dura Flue chimney liner due to its unique production process can be swept with any power sweeping equipment either way up!
If you use a power sweep tool with traditional flue liners you can only sweep down because otherwise you can damage the flaps.
Since Dura Flue has no flaps you can power sweep it both ways thus making the process much faster and more efficient.
SnapLok is a system that we highly recommend and that we have already tested and approved for this kind of use.

This kit is purely designed for sweeping 5″, 6″, 7″ & 8″ flexible steel, twinwall, clay and pumice liners and small flues. This system is highly efficient and it takes less than 30 seconds to connect all the double button lock rods together. These rods are highly flexible and are ideal for sweeping a liner through a stove, where there is a 90 degree bend. This kit will go up to 10 Metres in height, but additional rods can be purchased to extend this. The heads (Ferrules) of the rods are made of aircraft aluminium, so they do not corrode. The ferrules are also double crimped at each end onto the 12mm solid nylon rod.

SnapLok 12mm Solid Nylon Liner Power Sweep Kit includes

11 x 12mm x 90cm White Solid Nylon Rod(10 Metres) – SNR12
1 x 9″/230mm Bullet Whip – BW-09
1 x SnapLok Large Drill Adaptor – DA-800
1 x Snaplok Hex Key (For changing whip line)