Dura Three Wall

DURA THREE WALL (D3W) is a cutting-edge three wall insulated chimney system that provides not only evacuation of smoke but also a supply of combustion air creating an air tight flue system.

DURA THREE WALL (D3W) boasts a smooth clampless design and, unlike other systems of this type, its installation is as smooth as its surface.

DURA THREE WALL (D3W) advantages:

  • closed and air tight combustion system
  • perfect fit and very easy installation
  • very simple and concise range of products
  • possibility of producing bespoke items
  • short production lead times

DURA THREE WALL (D3W) technical specification:

  • materials: core 0,5-0,6mm 1.4404, jacket 0,6mm 1.4301
  • insulation: 30mm mineral wool, 30mm air channel
  • connections: clampless, push fit
  • supports: wall brackets max 4m apart, recommended flat bands outside, free end 2m
  • distance to combustibles: G50 up to 200mm fully insulated ceiling, G100 from 200 to 1000mm partly ventilated ceiling

DURA THREE WALL (D3W) is available on order in 5″, 6″ and 7″ both silver and black.

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