External flue system kit with offset 5 Inch PC

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Please note you are purchasing a full Twin Wall set. This set can be returned but individual parts/items from the set CANNOT be returned. We do not except returns and offer refunds for parts/items that are part of Twin Wall sets.

This set creates approx. 5m stack measured from the stove up with an offset of 131mm. If you work out the measurement B+C in meters this will tell you how many meters of twin wall you will require.

You may increase the height of the system by adding more straight lengts to the pack.
You will find a detailed list of items in this set in SPECIFICATIONS tab.

This Insulated twin wall system has been designed for a single storey external installation. The twin wall flue adaptor comes off the top of the stove and connects to a 45 degree bend that takes the flue through the wall. Once the flue is outside the system provides you with all the items to penetrate the wall and support the flue on the outside of the building. Brackets are included to take the flue up to roof level where the rain cap provides termination of the flue. The offsets are used to take the flue around any gutter or soffit please see our offset chars for more detail.

If you wish to ask any questions or if you would like us to work out your twin wall system for you then please just e mail pictures or a rough sketch and measurements to us. We offer a completely free no obligation flue design and quote service.


G70 when in an enclosure and G50 when not enclosed.


Custom Fields
Standard adapterx1
Bend 45 degreesx3
Long branch adjustable tee with plugx1
45 degrees wall sleevex1
Base support unitx1
Weathering rain capx1
Pipe length 1000mmx5
Pipe length 500mmx1
Pipe length 250mmx1
Wall bracket 130mm-210mmx3
Narrow locking bandx13
Telescopic supportx1
Guy wire bracketx1

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