Dura-Flue W3G 200mm 904/904 Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

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This flexible 904/904 grade Premium W3G Flue Liner has been tested and approved by Tuev Sued Inds to be used in both low temperature/condensing conditions and high temperature conditions, making it the perfect flue liner to be used in conjunction with modern, Ecodesign Ready stoves. Enjoying a lifetime warranty that is completely no quibble, W3G Flue Liner is the only choice when fitting a stove as peace of mind comes guaranteed.

We explain the markings here, the test and what this means: "W3G is part of the new labelling for exhaust systems, which result from CE standards, German approvals and DIN 18160 – in more detail this means".

Condensate resistance class W: This abbreviation means that the chimney is suitable for a humid mode of operation. The inner tube is made of a material that cannot or resists being attacked by possible condensation.

Corrosion resistance class 3: The exhaust system is suitable for both solid and liquid as well as gaseous fuels. There is no corrosion on the inner tube of the chimney by the exhaust gases of these fuels.

Soot fire resistance class G: The chimney is resistant to a soot fire. This is not new in combination with the suitability for solid fuels. What is new, however, is that even an exhaust system with humid mode of operation is soot fire resistant.

What is the W3G approval needed for? Previously, Solid fuel stoves, boiler stoves or fireplace inserts could be easily connected to a dry mode chimney via the stovepipe (standard flexible flue liner installation). These had such high exhaust gas temperatures that the water vapour could not condense. The humid mode of operation was only prescribed for the combustion of oil and gas. But more and more modern and efficient stoves reduce the exhaust gas temperatures. Therefore, it can also come with solid fuels to form condensate in the chimney or in the stainless-steel chimney, which is why a humid mode of operation becomes a general obligation.

We all know more and more flexible chimney liners are burning out quicker than they should be and there are two main reasons. Firstly we know the quality and price has dramatically been compromised and dropped over the last 10 years so the cheaper inferior flue liners burn out very quickly. But also the stoves and their technology have moved on which means efficiency is high and as a result flue temperature is lower. These lower constant temperatures are causing the flue liners to fail.

Dura Flue W3G finally gives the industry a true premium flexible flue liner designed to work in line with the modern Eco design ready stoves, we’ve also developed a special adapter to match the flue that also passed the new test. It’s a chance for our customers to get back to true quality and offering the consumer a true, reliable solution that they can trust.

Dura Flue W3G also comes with a no quibble life time warranty with the first 10 years being completely unconditional, full replacement no questions asked. This is an opportunity the industry needs to educate the end users and fit quality, tested trusted products that they know they won't be going back to after a year or two to sort out at their own cost.

We’re really excited about this product, it's available from stock now, you can buy online and order as normal for same day and next day delivery UK wide. W3G Flexible Chimney Liner is suitable for the relining of masonry flues, it also comes complete with a no quibble warranty.

Suitable for installation with the most efficient Eco design ready stoves on the market today. Absolute premium quality flexible chimney liner, there isn’t another flexible stainless steel flue liner with these impressive test results on the UK market. If you are fitting a new modern Eco design ready stove then we highly recommend spending the extra on buying the compatible flue to save you money and guarantee peace of mind. Simply select the length you require and choose to make it into a pack to save time.

• Manufactured at all 3 sites across the UK W3G can be purchased from Wellington, Stockport and Ballyclare;
• Same day, next day UK wide as standard;
• Premium stainless steel with patented profiling;
• Lifetime no quibble warranty;
• Buy with confidence and peace of mind;
• In lengths from 1 to 40 metres;
• Available in diameters from 3" to 12";
• Suitable for commercial boilers and incinerators;
• Approved for condensing boilers;
• 1000 degrees fire rated.


Material Stainless Steel
Flue Parts Chimney Liner
Flue Diameter 8-Inch (200mm)
Guarantee Lifetime
More Colours No

Product Sizes

Flue Size 8-inch (200mm)
Overall Length 1000mm

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