D3W 90° Tee Piece 5 Inch PC

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DURA FLUE TRIPLE WALL FLUE SYSTEM for use in modern, room-sealed stoves and replaces using wood and pellet. Designed and tested in cooperation with renowned stoves manufacturers, our D3W appears as a perfect solution for passive houses providing superior thermal quality, safety and comfort.

Construction of the triple wall system enables provision of the combustion air through the air channel from the terminal on the top of the chimney to the combustion chamber in the stove and evacuation of the exhaust fumes through the insulated inner liner.

Energy-saving and ecological

DURA FLUE TRIPLE WALL FLUE SYSTEM design allows to heat the fresh air supplied to the stove through the air gap between the stainless steel outer wall and insulated inner wall which optimises the appliance efficiency by 10% comparing to a traditional twin wall insulated flue system with combustion air supplied from the room.

A system for modern appliances

DURA FLUE TRIPLE WALL FLUE SYSTEM is V2 corrosion resistant and fits for use in wet conditions, therefore adapted to the most efficient wood and pellet stoves working with low temperature.

Smooth connection design

Innovating conception of smooth connection offers clean and even finish of the assembled flue. DURA FLUE TRIPLE WALL FLUE SYSTEM is available in stainless steel or powder painted.

Safety of use

DURA FLUE TRIPLE WALL FLUE SYSTEM provides a natural safety barrier, in case of a soot fire in the flue, through the air gap encircling insulated inner liner. It works with a room-sealed stove and prevents backdraught process by means of the air supply channel eliminating the risk of intoxication. Low temperature on the outer wall during DURA FLUE TRIPLE WALL FLUE SYSTEM operation guarantees completely safe and secure use for the whole family.

Key features

• For wood and solid fuels;
• Maximum operating temperature - 600oC;
• V2 Corrosion resistance;
• Core material 1.4404;
• Core material thickness 0.5mm;
• Mineral wool insulation;
• Thickness of insulation - 30mm;
• Working conditions - negative pressure;
• Soot fire resistant;
• Approbates / Certificates CE 0432-CPR-00095-320.


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