Exodraft EFC16 Control System with Speed Control, max. 1.5A

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DFEFC16 is electronic speed regulators used to manually control exodraft chimney fans. The DFEFC16 speed regulators adjust the chimney fan's speed, thereby making it possible to control the chimney fan's capacity (draught) in the range 25–100 %. The speed regulators have a built-in ON/OFF switch in the control knob, a built-in minimum-speed trimmer, and an LED to indicate operation. They are CE-certified.

The DFEFC16 speed regulators are designed for manual control. When the knob on these controllers is turned to the right, it will click and the fan will turn on at full rpm. As the knob is rotated clockwise, the fan speed will be reduced. To turn the fan off, the knob must be turned all the way anti-clockwise, until it has passed the on/off point again.

DFEFC16 control units must have a DFREP isolation switch mounted on the chimney. The isolation switch must be installed by an authorised electrician.


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