Exodraft EBC22 Constant Pressure Regulation incl. XTP-Sensor for Single and Multiple Boilers

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The EBC22 is an automatic control with a pressure transducer (XTP) for one or more boilers or other installations where multiple heat sources are connected to the same chimney. Using the XTP sensors installed in the chimney, the low pressure is monitored and maintained by regulating the speed of the chimney fan.

Key Features:

  • Automatic control with pressure transducer (XTP)
  • Monitors and maintains low pressure in the chimney
  • Regulates chimney fan speed for optimal performance
  • Inputs and outputs for one or two boilers, expandable to four with Exodraft ES12 relay box
  • External entry point for pressure switch or alarm sensor
  • Alarm exit point for building management systems


When the boiler or heating system starts, a signal is sent to the EBC22, which starts the chimney fan at full speed. Once the control receives a signal that the desired chimney vacuum has been reached, a signal is sent to start the boiler’s burner. This ensures the necessary chimney draft, guaranteeing the best and most economical operating conditions when you start the boiler.

If the chimney draft falls below the required level, the speed of the chimney fan is regulated until the required draft is reached. The EBC22 has an external alarm output for integration into building management systems, ensuring safe and efficient operation.


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