Exodraft EBC24 Constant Pressure Regulation incl. XTP-Sensor for Multiple Boilers

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The Exodraft EBC24 is a true PID-based fan speed control used to maintain a constant pressure or draught in a flue/duct system. It can only be used with Exodraft fans. The control automatically adjusts the speed based on the amount of exhaust gases in the flue.

Key Features:

  • Maintains constant pressure or draught in flue/duct systems
  • Automatically adjusts fan speed based on exhaust gases
  • Controls fan speed on single-phase AC motors directly (1x230V) or three-phase motors indirectly via VFD
  • Integrated safety system shuts down heating appliances if draught is insufficient
  • Compatible with any type of fuel, heating appliance, or chimney
  • "Plug-and-play" functionality with automatic monitoring and registration during start-up
  • Pre-programmed from the factory, with field programmability via LCD display and buttons
  • Two heating appliance interlock circuits as standard, expandable with additional relay boards
  • Self-diagnostic panel with LEDs for easy service and troubleshooting
  • USB port for programming and data readout
  • Alarm output for BMS system and buzzer output
  • Terminals for connecting an RS485 communication BUS


The EBC24 control has a built-in safety system that ensures heating appliances connected to the flue system are shut down in case of insufficient draught, providing safe operation regardless of external factors such as weather conditions. The unit features "plug-and-play" functionality to automatically monitor all terminals and register components attached to the control during initial start-up.

The EBC24 comes pre-programmed from the factory but can be further customized in the field using its LCD 128×64 dot display and buttons. It includes two heating appliance interlock circuits as standard but can be expanded in multiples of four with additional relay boards (ES12).

For service and troubleshooting, a self-diagnostic panel with LEDs monitors all connection terminals. Provided the integrated safety system is satisfied, interlocked heating appliances are allowed to operate. Programming and data readout can be done via a USB port. The EBC24 also has an alarm output for a building management system (BMS) and a buzzer output for audible alarms. Additionally, it has terminals for connecting an RS485 communication BUS.


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