27 May

Back to business

Back to business

Our depots at Stockport, Wellington and Ballyclare (NI) are now fully open and despatching orders daily! We’re pleased to be back at almost full capacity, the phone lines are extremely busy so please e mail sales@flue-ducting.co.uk with all orders, quotes and enquiries. It’s the fastest way to get a response and most reliable for orders.

Orders can be collected from all three depots but please don’t just turn up un announced (the trade counters are closed) we have strict social distancing rules in place to protect you and our staff. Please pre order online or via e mail, then we can arrange a convenient time for you to make a contactless and safe collection.

If you would like to see any of the measures we’ve taken to make sure our staff and customers are safe please just request a copy of our risk assessments carried out in the depots.

26 May

Introducing the stylish Woodford barbecue collection

Introducing the stylish Woodford barbecue collection

We are delighted to introduce our stylish new Woodford barbecue collection. This stunning range will be available from June 1st, just in time for summer days spent outside with the family.

Our modern barbecues will look beautiful in any garden, while offering the ultimate cooking experience. This high quality, affordable range comprises:

The Woodford Fire and Grill: This superior fireplace features an integrated outdoor heater and is made of double-sided enameled steel with stainless steel elements. The firebox is lined with materials fireproof up to 1,250°C, meaning that it is resistant to high temperatures. Because of its construction and composition, the outdoor Fire and Grill fireplace can be exposed to all weather conditions, be it rain or snow. RRP £889.

The Woodford Masonry Sorrento Barbecue: The Sorrento Barbecue has a contemporary white and grey colour scheme and is made of sealed white limestone for the main structure with contrasting grey cast cement flue, which is perfect for use with charcoal or firewood. This barbecue includes a metal firebox with a steel grill and granite tiles behind and below the firebox to protect it from overheating. RRP £599.

The Woodford Masonry Sorrento Barbecue with side table: Details as per the Woodford Masonry Sorrento Barbecue. The added side table provides extra work space to prepare and serve food from. £699 RRP.

The Woodford Masonry Verona Barbecue: This barbecue has a contemporary white and grey colour scheme and is made of sealed white limestone for the main structure with contrasting black cast cement flue, which is perfect for use with charcoal or firewood. This barbecue includes a metal firebox, with a steel grill and granite tiles behind and below the firebox to protect from overheating. RRP £620.

The Woodford Masonry Verona Barbecue with side table: Details as per the Woodford Masonry Verona Barbecue. The added side table provides extra work space to prepare and serve food from. RRP £720.

Once in stock, all barbecue models are subject to 48-hour delivery.

We are currently open for business with COVID-19 safety measures in place. To find out more, please contact our team. E: sales@flue-ducting.co.uk; T: 0161 480 2994.

16 Mar

Coronavirus Announcement

Coronavirus Announcement

Dear Customers,

As the Coronavirus starts to take hold across the country, it is very important that we pay heed to the advice issued by the Government and Public Health Authority in finding the balance between protecting health and minimising disruption.

To that end, we would like to reassure you that our staff are well aware of maintaining good personal hygiene practices, as well as ensuring that our premises are clean for customers.

Across all of our depots we are cleaning toilets, eating areas, desks and trade counters on a regular basis. We have followed and continue to follow the Government guidelines on the evolving situation and we will do everything we can to keep our staff and customers safe.

Please make sure that you read and listen to NHS guidelines, the World Health Organisation and Government advice. It is easy to read and be misled by newsfeeds and social media giving false or elaborated information.

In return, we ask that you, as responsible customers and members of the public, to take your own appropriate measures to avoid any risk to yourselves or to others. Please follow the widely-published advice regarding frequent handwashing, use of tissues to catch coughs or sneezes and avoiding touching your face.

IMPORTANT: If you have recently visited/returned from any country affected by the virus, we ask that you self-isolate for the recommended 14 days before coming to any of our trade counters or places of work.

Similarly, if you are experiencing mild cold and flu-like symptoms, please stay at home.
We will continue to monitor the Government’s advice and will keep you up-to-date with any further measures necessary.
Meanwhile it’s business as usual for Flue & Ducting Ltd.

We appreciate your help and support.

Thank you,
The Directors

04 Mar

Wellington Depot Expansion

Wellington Depot Expansion

Dear Customers,

Our manufacturing site in Wellington is one of our busiest depots, if not the most, so to support the customers that use it, we’re installing a 2,000 sq ft mezzanine. This impressive new installation will not only allow us to double our stock holding at the depot, but will also create the space to install a further DURA FLUE machine.

This is the seventh DURA FLUE machine to be added to our manufacturing capacity within the company. It will facilitate increased production capacity of larger diameters and different materials, all from our Wellington depot.

To make this happen we need to close the depot from 11.30am on Wednesday, March 11th and re-open Thursday, March 19th. Our phones will still be on and calls will be taken but NO orders will be dispatched or collected between these dates.

If you are a local customer who collects from Wellington, please get all of your orders in as soon as possible to avoid being let down for collections. Any customers wanting delivery between these dates can still get them as they will be dispatched from another one of our depots as normal.

You should receive a phone call with more information from your depot manager or sales rep but if you need to know anything else, have any questions or need to place an order, please call 0161 480 2994 or email: sales@flue-ducting.co.uk.

Kind regards
Ryan Hancock
Flue & Ducting Ltd
Managing Director

26 Feb

The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) welcomes new regulations on the most polluting fuels

The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) welcomes new regulations on the most polluting fuels

The SIA has welcomed the announcement by Defra that it plans to encourage the use of cleaner fuel and phase out the sale of coal and wet wood for domestic burning.

Coal and wet wood are the two most polluting fuels and these will be phased out between 2021 and 2023. The SIA emphasised that modern, Ecodesign compliant wood burning stoves which burn the correct fuel continue to be a very sound environmental heating solution. Ecodesign Ready stoves produce 90% less emissions than an open fire and are a very low carbon method of heating using a totally renewable and sustainable fuel. Defra’s announcement, contrary to some headlines, does not in any way suggest or recommend that wood burning stoves are being banned.

The SIA recommends more accurate reporting on this point as the industry employs over 25,000 people and their futures and livelihoods are being put at risk by the suggestion that wood stoves are being banned. For clarification the purpose of the legislation is as follows:

• To stop the sale of all pre-packaged traditional bituminous house coal (with a ban on loose sales via coal merchants to be applied at a later date).
• Ensure that wood sold in single units under 2m3 (loose stacked) must have a moisture content of 20% or less.
• Implement a national requirement for certified controlled sulphur content and a smoke emission limit on manufactured solid fuels (as currently applies in Smoke Control Areas).

The SIA encourages the public to burn approved dry wood and smokeless fuel in a modern SIA Ecodesign Ready appliance. By doing so they ensure the maximum efficiency of their appliance while significantly reducing particulate emissions.

Morley Sage, chair of the SIA, said: “We welcome today’s announcement that will see the most polluting fuels phased out and encourage homeowners to use approved dry wood. As an industry that employs over 25,000 people across manufacturing, retailing, installation and servicing, headlines that suggest that wood burning stoves are being banned are not only categorically untrue, they are also very damaging to people’s jobs and livelihoods.

The stove industry is committed to continuous appliance improvement as evidenced by the introduction of the SIA Ecodesign Ready scheme which clearly identifies appliances that already meet the strict Ecodesign standards that come into force in 2022. An Ecodesign Ready appliance used with properly seasoned wood fuel reduces particulate emissions by up to 90% compared to an open fire and will need significantly fewer logs to produce the same amount of heat.”

To help homeowners make informed choices by getting the best advice, the SIA has recently set up the SIA Retail Group. Members of this network of quality, independent showrooms have made a commitment to ensuring all appliances they sell meet or exceed current legal requirements, will offer personalised advice on choosing the right stoves, will only use or recommend qualified competent persons to carry out installations, and will provide advice on using the stove and choosing the right fuel and offer comprehensive after sales support. A full list of SIA Retail Group members can be found at www.stoveindustryalliance.com/retail-group-members.

24 Jan

The Woodford Wonder Bundle is here!

Winter Woodford Wonder Bundle is here!

Premium quality flue kit and unbelievable trade only prices.

Click HERE to order!

These Eco Design Ready 7kw stoves are British made and come with all the modern features like direct air, clean burn and easy to use controls plus they look great!

Contact us today to order and you must be quick as stock is limited and the offer must end 31st Jan (T&Cs apply)

24 Jan

Thank you!

Our team were proud to make a Christmas donation to Manchester charity Cash for Kids

We were only too proud to make a donation to Hits Radio Cash for Kids and its Mission Christmas 2019 campaign.
With our help, 41,836 children in Greater Manchester woke up to gifts on Christmas morning.

We realise that Mission Christmas is more than just a gift, it’s about giving hope, knowing someone cares and allowing children to still believe in the magic of Christmas. A spokesperson for the Cash for Kids said: “We’re a small team and couldn’t have done this without you. We can’t thank you enough for helping us to make so many local children’s dreams come true.”

Find out more about Cash for Kids by visiting: https://planetradio.co.uk/hits-radio/cashforkids-manchester/

14 Jan

Launching our new chimney liner W3G

Launching our new chimney liner W3G

We are proud to announce the launch of our revolutionary W3G chimney liner, which is currently in production and can be purchased from our website right now.

This flexible 904/904 grade premium flue liner has been tested and approved by Tuev Sued Inds to be used in both low temperature/condensing conditions and high temperature conditions, making it the perfect flue liner to be used in conjunction with modern, Ecodesign Ready stoves. Enjoying a lifetime warranty that is completely no quibble, W3G flue liner is the only choice when fitting a stove as peace of mind comes guaranteed.

Managing Director Ryan Hancock explains the markings and test and what this means. “W3G is part of the new labelling for exhaust systems, which result from CE standards, German approvals and DIN 18160 – in more detail this means”.

Condensate resistance class W: This abbreviation means that the chimney is suitable for a humid mode of operation. The inner tube is made of a material that cannot or resists being attacked by possible condensation.

Corrosion resistance class 3: The exhaust system is suitable for both solid and liquid as well as gaseous fuels. There is no corrosion on the inner tube of the chimney by the exhaust gases of these fuels.

Soot fire resistance class G: The chimney is resistant to a soot fire. This is not new in combination with the suitability for solid fuels. What is new, however, is that even an exhaust system with humid mode of operation is soot fire resistant.

What is the W3G approval needed for? Previously, Solid fuel stoves, boiler stoves or fireplace inserts could be easily connected to a dry mode chimney via the stovepipe (standard flexible flue liner installation). These had such high exhaust gas temperatures that the water vapor could not condense. The humid mode of operation was only prescribed for the combustion of oil and gas. But more and more modern and efficient stoves reduce the exhaust gas temperatures. Therefore, it can also come with solid fuels to form condensate in the chimney or in the stainless-steel chimney, which is why a humid mode of operation becomes a general obligation.

We all know more and more flexible chimney liners are burning out quicker than they should be and there are 2 main reasons. Firstly we know the quality and price has dramatically been compromised and dropped over the last 10 years so the cheaper inferior flue liners burn out very quickly. But also the stoves and their technology have moved on which means efficiency is high and as a result flue temperature is lower. These lower constant temperatures are causing the flue liners to fail.

Dura Flue W3G finally gives the industry a true premium flexible flue liner designed to work in line with the modern Eco design ready stoves, we’ve also developed a special adapter to match the flue that also passed the new test. It’s a chance for our customers to get back to true quality and offering the consumer a true, reliable solution that they can trust.

Dura flue W3G also comes with a no quibble life time warranty with the first 10 years being completely unconditional, full replacement no questions asked. This is an opportunity the industry needs to educate the end users and fit quality, tested trusted products that they know they wont be going back to after a year or 2 to sort out at their own cost.

We’re really excited about this product, its available from stock now, you can buy online and order as normal for same day and next day delivery UK wide.

10 Jan

Welcome to our 2020 January sale

Welcome to our 2020 January sale

We have launched a host of fantastic January offers to kickstart 2020 with a bang!

The first is for our new and very popular Ecodesign Ready, Defra approved Lowry stove.
Buy this beautiful little wood burner with a nine metre DURA FLUE 316 liner, adapter and pot hanger for an unbelievable price.

Order two packs and get delivery completely free of charge. Click here and login to see our prices and place your order today.

20 Dec

Cash for Kids

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Instead of buying our customers gifts this year, we’ve made another charitable donation to Cash for Kids. Our donation will be used to support disadvantaged and disabled children in Greater Manchester.

Every year this fantastic charity supports thousands of children affected by issues such as poverty, abuse, neglect and life limiting illnesses and disabilities in our local communities.

To find out more, visit: www.cashforkids.uk.com

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